Best Street Foods...

Street food is all about food with native taste in specific area. The way it is being cooked is in front of the customer boiled, steamed or fried, and it is being eaten straight away as long as it is cooked and being serve on stick, small paper plate or in a small plate with different types of sauce. This food sustains the people who like native food all around the world. And more and more of these days, many people would want to eat this kind of food rather than spending a lot of their money eating in an expensive restaurant.

Filipinos are very meticulous when it comes to food, and the foods on the streets which are in carts are a great way to have inexpensive snack. Different tasty and familiar kind of foods where serve like grilled hot dogs, fresh fruit shakes and roasted peanuts to exotic types like, intestines of chickens and baluts, which are boiled fertilized duck eggs with the partially developed embryos inside its shell, we could really say that it’s more food in the Philippines.

Pinoy Street Foods is the perfect description of traditional values of Filipino just like playing in a cockpit fight. This street food was the answer of every kid who did not bring lunch to school due to time pressure in coming to school and this is the cheapest way of eating a lot but spending less money. Thanks to street foods, I manage to complete my college life in terms of food with less allowance. I was able to eat on time with full food in my stomach with less expense because of this street food. In the next paragraphs, I will be mentioning some of the pinoy street food that will be found here in the Philippines.

Taho is composed with soybean snack with tapioca pearls as toppings and sweet syrup for additional taste.

Siomai is a Chinese dim sum which is cooked by steam. It is originally made with pork shrimp or beef.

Fish balls are similar to the clip food when it comes to eating with utensils. Fish balls actually contain fish that have been a continuing question for more than a century, as researched, the average fish ball is forty percent air, fifty percent oil - that will be drained the moment you it in the sauce, and ten percent lardy substance. There are three different sauces flavors: sweet, hot, and clammy, the availability of the last one depending on whether or not it's been a dreadfully hot day for the vendor.

Chicharon is cracklings made from different parts of the chicken and pig, it is being seasoned, and it is cooked in deep-fried. Other food that came from this, are fried chicken skin and chicharong baboy coming from pork rind, chicharong bituka coming from chicken and pork intestines which are deep fried and its crispy, and chicharong bulaklak coming from pork omentum. It is best when you dip it with vinegar.

Barbecue is marinated chicken and pork cooked by grilled over hot charcoal. Some grilled food includes chicken feet or they name it as adidas, pwet ng manok or known as chicken ass, chicken intestines or isaw, chicken head or they named it as helmet, and dried chicken or pork blood or they call it as betamax.

According to a trivia: cholera, amoeba, hepatitis and typhoid are often acquired not because of the food itself but in the dipping jug of the sauces, because sometimes the water being used for the sauces is the same with the water that gets stuck in the gutter after raining for a while, and also other customer dip their fish balls again and again after taking a bite.

Wherever you go, street vendors are very easy to spot. You will find them at the churches, schools, parks, or even terminals. And also, you can see food carts, or makeshift stalls. In the outer edge, you will some of the vendors or hawkers as they were called with their push carts or bicycles anywhere. Street foods are a way of culture for a lot people around the world. Many of our fellows Filipino make this as their source of income for their families. Some hawkers testified that their income coming from the street foods enable their children go to school. Street food satisfies the need of some Filipinos.